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Green Oak Township Historical Society

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The Society's Purpose is to bring together those people interested in history, particularly the history of Green Oak Township, and to promote a better understanding and appreciation of our American heritage.
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May 27 thru June 1 Drop off items 
June 5 thru 20 Garage Sale Open

Second Tuesday of July and August 
between 2-4 pm
Located at the 1856 Hall
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Interested in learning more about the history of Green Oak? Our members help keep the history alive with the help of individuals who generously share their memories, family records, documents, and photographs.
Green Oak Township located in Livingtson County, MI welcomes you. 

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From the President

Thank you!

by Marilyn Harrington on 04/23/15

Bill Besso, Anthony Buatti, Carrie Buatti, Anna Ernst, Marilyn Harrington, Steve Harrington, Bill Lintner, and Mike Nelson assisted with moving GOTHS materials from one green house to another.  A BIG THANK YOU to them for their help!

April 12th

by Marilyn Harrington on 04/23/15

The Vintage Strings performance was wonderful.  We enjoyed having them at GOTHS.

Chairs from a Whitmore Lake Hotel

by Marilyn Harrington on 02/21/15

It was a pleasure for GOTHS to give three chairs to the Northfield Township Historical Society.  These three chairs according to our inventory had come from one of the Whitmore Lake Hotels.  They originally had been caned, but someone had worked really hard on them and replaced the caning with beautiful needle work.  The Northfield Society hopes to display at least one of the chairs at the Northfield Library.

Help with Returning Items to GOTHS

by Marilyn Harrington on 02/15/15

WOW!  Mike Nelson brought his big truck and helped us move several items back to GOTHS.  Bill Besso, Marilyn Harrington, Steve Harrington, Dave Huck, and Antoinette "T" Shelvey assisted Mike in moving the antiques.  Bill Besso used his truck to haul some items too.  We appreciate all their hard work on such a cold day.  (I knew Billy Lintner, would need the greenhouse for his plants soon, so I was trying to find a good day for moving.  I didn't really succeed as it was cold.) 

We also tried to sort the items we had in the greenhouse. We left several items behind to go in the June Garage Sale.  We don't have a lot of storage room at GOTHS.  Therefore keeping three or four ironing boards or washboards is not an option.

Marilyn Harrington 

Returning Items to GOTHS

by Marilyn Harrington on 02/15/15

A special thank you to Hollow Oak Farm owned by Billy Lintner for allowing us to store some of our antiques in one of his green houses.  We thought the items would be stored for about a month.  Unfortunately it has been over  6 months.  Bill is allowing us to store items for our June Garage Sale.  Thank you Bill!!!

Marilyn Harrington